When It’s Bed Bug Bites- and When It’s Not

bed bug nymphs suck the blood of a humanBed bugs have increasingly crept into the public dialogue of common household pests more and more lately. From the banning of DDT, an effective but dangerous pesticide, to increased international travel, bed bugs have once again gained infamy in popular culture.

But just because you are getting red bites, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bed bugs, according to one article. There are many quick and easy ways to quickly determine if you have been the victim of a bed bug infestation:

(Map of the US Bed Bug Infestation)
bed bug strongholds throughout the USA

Signs It Might Not Be Bed Bugs

*your mattress looks unusually dirty, and is covered in black specks or already hatched bug egg casings
*your bites are on your upper body, as flea bites tend to be lower body and around the ankles
*the bites are on places that were not in contact with your bed
*you look and look, and never see one bed bug, but you keep itching and feel like you’re gettig bit when the lights go out (could be dust mites)
*you’re itching, but you just started using a new laundry detergent, soap, perfume, or bought new clothes without washing them
*you have mistaken small cylinrical bugs (baby roaches) for bed bugs, or misidentified bugs with wings as bed bugs (bed bugs have no wings)

I have personally had issues with dust mites, and was almost 100% positive I had a bedbug problem, except that when I did the check, sure enough all signs indicated that it indeed was not bed bugs after all.

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Sure Signs of Bed Bugs

Positive indications for bed bugs are: discarded molten bed bug shells from bed bugs as they grow larger and shed their former skin, a really dirty mattress or box spring with brown and red blood stains on them, a strong musty odor in your bedroom.

Additional complications with eradicating bed bugs

In mass housing complexes like apartments, hotels, motels, and condos, rooms are adjacent and share a wall, thus making temporary hiding places abundant if and when a bed bug elimination protocol is even begun. Some residents may never clean up the clutter or the disorganized mess in their homes either, further adding to the difficulty in removing the nasty little buggers. Bed bugs are some of the best nomads the world has ever seen.

Still think it’s strange that you recently discovered a bed bug problem? Don’t feel so bad. Even the “happiest place on Earth” aka Disneyland has seen its fair share of bed bugs, recently incurring a lawsuit by a woman who stayed at one of their hotel resorts and woke up with bumps all over the back of her head and neck.

Bed Bugs Are Not Going Away Any Time Soon

It’s kind of befuddling that we live in the Information Age, and yet world and local governments, averaage joes, and the majority of people don’t have the first clue of how to solve a bed bug problem. But just as the Sun will rise tomorrow, a colony of bed bugs will be soon fast asleep after a nocturnal feeding fest on unsuspecting humans staying in luxury hotels or even just visiting the movie theater for an afternoon.

And because of this fact, we will not rest until the victims of bedbug attacks have a voice, and a solution to get back to sleep at night, without all the itchy, red bites.

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