Get Rid of All Bed Bugs for Cheap Without Expensive Heat Treatment

Bed bugs and dust mites

Bed bugs are visible, about the size of a watermelon seed when full grown. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye. Bedbugs actually bite you and extract blood, whereas dust mites simply eat the dead skin off of your body and don’t actually bite you. The allergic reaction to a dust mite is from an amino acid in the feces of the dust mite. Dust mites can be in the thousands and you’ll never see them, but having a dirty or dusty house is a practical guarantee that you will encounter them.

Bed bugs leave traces of their existence from brown and red discolorations and splotches in the mattress to black flecks which is their poop that leave around the mattress and box springs.

bed bugs heat treatment vs other bed bug killers

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs and Dust Mites

1. Wash your linens and dry on high heat

2. Organize your entire home and de clutter your residence fully

3. Clean your house like it was going to face a military inspection

4. Seek out an inexpensive, natural solution without using a bed bug exterminator that can cost a lot of money

5. You can get rid of all bed bugs without heat treatment if you know what you’re doing, safely, and without chemicals or other expensive methods.

6. Exterminators can and will charge several hundreds to thousands of dollars to get rid of bedbugs.

Don’t throw your money away on expensive bed bug heat treatments

Heat treatments on bed bugs don’t always work and they’re unnecessary. It stresses out your home and costs several hundred dollars per room. The whole house must be treated and it often ruins electronic equipment. The bed bugs will often temporarily move from room to room to avoid the heat. If you remove your tv for the treatment and they’re in the tv, then when you bring it back in, the bedbugs will revisit your home.

Additionally, bed bugs will escape to the inner and outer wall insulation. They will burrow through the cracks in the walls to avoid the heat and the insulation will keep the heat in, not allowing the heat treatment to be effective against the bed bugs. They usually heat up the house for 3 hours for temps of 130 to 150 degrees F.


Bedbugs and dust mites cause similar bite/rash patterns and will keep you up at night tossing and turning uncomfortably, itching and scratching like mad. I have experienced dust mites recently and this was the major impetus for me to learn more about how to get rid of dust mites.