Finasteride side effects hurting men long term

Stressed-Man-BaldingNew studies warn that the use of prostate drugs including Propecia, Poscar, and Avodart can lead to persistent erectile dysfunction.In the study, researchers indicate that most of the men who took these drugs suffered from erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems for not less than 3 and a half months.

The researchers noted that the younger the man was, the higher the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.According to the NCBI, this condition affects about 18 million American men.

Saving hair for long-term hurting

Propecia is a prescription drug that helps men restore their natural hair. This drug came to lime light after it was alleged that American president Donald Trump uses it to restore his hair. Propecia (Fiasteride), and Avodart (dustasteride), were originally developed as prostate inflammation treatment, a condition common in older men.

It was later approved to treat hair loss in men when taken in low doses and begun to be marketed under the generic name Propecia.These drugs are prescribed by a doctor and the recommended dose is once per day. They claim that one starts to see results after three months of their use. However, for you to maintain the growth of hair it is recommended that you take them continuously. When one stops taking the drugs for 12 months, the quantity of hair gained is lost.

Since the drug acts on the enzyme 5-alpha reductase which activates testosterone, many of the male characteristics determined by testosterone and the prostate become affected.

In the study conducted by Northwestern University, 11,000 men who had used propecia between the years 1992 up to 2003 were studied. The researchers stated that 1.4 of the men studied were diagnosed with persistent erectile dysfunction which lasted for at least 1,300 days. In addition to that, 4.5 of these men were found to have suffered from either short term, long term, or permanent erectile dysfunction.

However, it seems that this condition is not the only thing to worry about taking these drugs. Studies show that prolonged use of Propecia, Proscar or Avodart can also lead to lower libido or sex drive.

“I have hundreds of these patients. They have low libido, they have flat emotions, they see a woman, they say intellectually, I know I am supposed to be interested in you, but I am actually not interested in you.’’ Stated Irwin Goldstein who is the head of sexual medicine at Alavarado hospital, San Diego.They have muted orgasms, reduced volumes of ejaculate, reduced penile sensation.”

Although these drugs are labeled with warnings to patients about the potential risks of sexual desire, they can also lead to a reduced amount of semen produced. Researchers have noted that these side effects are often noted as harmless by the drug makers but can persist many years after a patient has stopped the use of these drugs. Testosterone being the primary sex hormone plays a lot of roles in the male body including the growth of hair and sex drive.


Research shows that the use of SSRI antidepressants can worsen depression and anxiety in pfs patients. If you must treat anxiety and you are suffering from pfs, try alternative solutions such as exercises. Try to remain active and avoid circumstances that make you stressed.

Since these drugs act on the action of this hormone, they are more likely to affect many body processes that are controlled by it. It is therefore advisable for a patient to seek medical attention in case of an allergic reaction or side effects like testicular pain, nipple discharge, unnoticed breast lump, breast pain or enlargement, and inability to urinate.