Best Jobs and Gigs for College Students and Retirees

best jobs for retirees and college studentsStudents and retirees are a unique demographic; they find themselves with plenty of free time but at the same time need to deftly juggle between the demands of advancing age and the needs of academic timetables. When people retire ,they find themselves getting bored of the inactivity, so finding a suitable job helps with the transition process while at the same time bringing in a good amount of income. Students also require an income stream to keep their lives going. The key for these two groups involves sifting through all the jobs out there and isolating the ones that work in tandem with their needs.

Here is a look at the best jobs for retirees and students:

1. Doggy day care

If you are a lover of animals, then you can spend your retirement/holiday times looking after canines. This is an easy business to set up as it can be done from the comfort of your home. You are going to need a set of kennels, some dog food and a level of security at the home but that is just about it. Depending on the space you have, it is possible to take in as many as 10 canines at a time . If you are looking to start out on this kind of project, head over to this site to read a review about how you can get your first dog sitting client by the end of the week!

2. Find work as a temp

The great thing about temp jobs for pensioners is that they are light and do not require a specific skill set. A student of economics can work in an apparel factory if they so desire, and a retiree in mathematics can choose to hold the fort in the customer care department of a toy store for a few days. Temp jobs do not hold you down to a commitment, which means you can pass up on one and hold out for the next.

3. Tutoring/teaching

Teaching or tutor jobs are set up in such a way that they work according to the timetable of the person involved. They require an engagement that lasts just a few hours a day and exist for the duration of specific timelines. If the job is undertaken for an individual client rather than an organization, there is even more wriggle room in that you can put in a few hours in the evening. The remuneration here depends on the hours worked as well as the number of individuals served at a sitting.

4. Accounting/Book keeping

Most small businesses out there do not necessarily find a long-term/permanent book keepers or accountants . As such, they tend to advertise for short-term opportunities mostly at the beginning and end of the month. Statistics indicate that this type of work attracts a median hourly pay of $17,with the figure rising for students on the verge of completing their studies and retirees whose active professions were in related fields.

Student/retiree jobs require very little in the way of investment. Most attract hour to hour payment and can be handled even by those without their own residences and the disabled. Learning how to make money during retirement or student vacations on sites like is a great way to start out.