Are We Losing the Bed Bug War?

If you have ever suffered a bed bug infestation, then you know very well that it is not a pretty experience. These miniature parasites can wreck total havoc in your home leaving you totally devastated. The nocturnal bugs work well at night where they suck the blood out of you and your family. They cause skin irritation through their bites and many people are allergic to them.

As if this is not enough, terminating them from your home can be a daunting task. In fact, you might ask yourself; are we losing the bed bug war? The problem is that people are focused on using bed bug killing methods that do not work and below is an insight in this regard.

Ineffective methods for killing bed bugs

Knowing what does not work to eliminate the bed bugs will bring you a step closer to what works. The first method that has been tried with no major success is heat treatment. Recently, a Denver family was reported to be crying foul after paying a heat treatment company $2000 to get rid of their bed bug problem. The bad news is that after a couple of days, the family came back to their home just to realize that the bed bugs were still there. The company in question is not talking and the obvious conclusion here is that heat treatment is not an effective method to kill bed bugs.

Another common method that does not give satisfactory results is using rubbing alcohol for bed bugs. In early 2015, a man in New York rubbed some alcohol in his car to get rid of bed bugs and after lighting a cigarette; all hell broke lose. The interior caught fire which spread to two other vehicles in the parking lot. The guy was lucky to escape with his life but he had to be admitted to hospital with first and second degree burns. In this regard, bed bugs can really unleash hazards when figuring out how to eliminate them. Rubbing alcohol is only effective upon contact and bed bugs are smarter than that. This means that this remedy is ineffective.

Bed Bug Spray

bed bug sprayIn other news, FabriClear bed bug spray has been marketed as a good bug spray that will help eradicate bed bugs. The only problem is that this is not an effective method as well and here’s why. This spray can kill bed bugs on contact but it cannot destroy the eggs.

In this regard, fighting the problem with the spray will be a losing battle because the eggs will always give rise to a new generation of bed bugs. For this reason, many people are writing negative reviews that confirm that FabriClear is not the best weapon in fighting the bed bug menace.

Expensive exterminator treatments for bed bugs are also available and they use among others; heat treatment and chemicals. Many have parted with over $3,500 just to be disappointed when bed bugs linger. To be very honest, it is only a few people who can afford such high costs and when there is no guarantee for bed bug extermination, getting value for money is impossible. With this respect, expensive exterminator treatments by different companies seldom work.

With all the above said, is there an answer on what kills bed bugs? The situation may seem hopeless but lucky for you, there is an answer to eliminate bed bugs from your life now and forever. A good solution is one that is able to kill these bugs effectively while leaving you house or space safe and secure.

Best and Most Affordable Bed Bug Killer

best bed bug sprayThe name of the revolutionary solution is Defensive End! (better than any bed bug spray) It is made out of natural ingredients to help you get rid of bed bugs in the safest manner possible. This remedy works instantly without wasting any time. This is because it does not need mixing or installing. All you need is to get it from the box and apply it to strategic locations to work instantly in killing the enemy.

There is no need to worry about full blown infestations because with Defensive End! The bugs cannot survive. This product is backed by clinical research that confirms its efficacy. This coupled with lots of users reviews, you will discover that getting rid of bed bugs has never been easier. In addition, this product is produced and designed in the United States fulfilling all tax requirements. The focus is empowering communities with a real solution for the bug menace. This product will not leave your pocket empty like other remedies that fail to work. It is a worthy investment that will give you instant results. Many have said that Defensive End! works like a charm and it is a high time to say goodbye to bed bug problems in your home. You do not have to suffer any longer because this remedy is what kills bed bugs.

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